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This is a test. It is only a test.


If you're like some parents, you might be thinking, "But Deborah, my kid doesn't play." You get that it's good for your kids to play but your child just isn't showing any interest in being playful. What do you do?

I get it. Kids are playing much less than they did twenty or thirty years ago. Our kids lives are more stressful than ever and at the very same time, they're playing less than ever before. The trend has resulted in a serious rise in mental illnesses and behavioral problems in our children. But what do we do? We can't force them to play.

Deborah provides a wide range of activities to help kids who don't play have fun and discover ways to express themselves more comfortably when words aren't coming naturally to them. Some kids enjoy Deborah's fully stocked art room, while others enjoy craft making. Some kids enjoy tossing or kicking around a ball, blowing and chasing bubbles, or sword fighting. It's about being flexible and finding something that sparks their interest. The goal is to get them engaged in a relationship that will empower their personal growth. Older kids and teens both enjoy being able to engage in an activity that helps them build relationship instead of being questioned and pressured to talk about deeply personal thoughts and feelings.